Digital Egg Tester

From our experience using the DET6500, it is a very good device and very simple to operate. It gives us the ability to build large volumes of high quality data in terms of layer performance such as egg weight, egg strength and egg shell thickness.
In the Emirates heat stress is a huge issue in layer production as temperatures reach up to 50 degrees Celsius and items like egg weight and strength drop during these summer months. By using the DET6500 it allowed us to follow these trends accordingly and gave the layer farms some valuable info.
【Mr. Conor O’Halloran, poultry consultant in UAE, 2023】


University, Laboratory

Our college is one of the best professional colleges in China. We do many researches about agriculture and we needed to do some experiment tests about eggs to see how poultry feeds influence hens. DET6000 gives us exact results, and it is a convenient and effective to use.
【Mr. Ma , Beijing Agriculture College, CHINA, 2016】



Poultry Farm, Egg Packing Center

Shendan is the largest egg production company in China. Our company has purchased 5 units of this model. Before then, we were measuring egg quality manually with a traditional ruler. The DET6000 is small, convenient, effective, and helping us to decide whose eggs are fresh when we buy eggs from farms.
【Ms.Duan Ai Ling, Hubei Shendan Healthy Food Co., Ltd. , CHINA, 2016】



Egg Processing

We are using DET6000 to have correct information and documents on raw eggs purchased. Our business is to take the whole eggs to get them pasteurized without breaking. DET6000 results help us to check the freshness and also the strength and thickness of egg shell, and to reject those not up to our standard. It is good for fast and easy usage, in addition to accurate information.
【Malaysia, 2016】


Poultry Farm, Egg Packing Center

Our company observes egg quality with advancing age of layer. It was in 2015 when we bought DET6000 to measure the egg quality of our company. It is simple and convenient for user to do egg freshness test.
【Malaysia, 2016】


Poultry Farm, Egg Packing Center

We test eggs’ quality with DET6000 weekly, as a method of quality control of eggs laid in our farms.
We can see how feeds and additives affect eggs’ quality, and the measured results are useful for layer’s health check.
Some cake shops ask us to show data of albumen height of our eggs, as they think it is related to how big their cake will rise.
【Taiwan, 2016】